Inclusive Leaders

Building a community free from discrimination.

We empower inclusive leaders to change their communities by providing cultural education and facilitating difficult conversations. We believe that cross-cultural interaction and dialogue are the necessary tools we need to break down discrimination in all its forms.

What we do

Our programs educate and cultivate leaders who create more inclusive and welcoming communities.

Passion is what drives us

Your gift is a reflection of your commitment to ending discrimination

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Our Mission

The mission of Community Tampa Bay is to cultivate inclusive leaders to change communities through dialogue and cross-cultural interaction.

In other words, we empower people with the tools to have hard conversations with others who don’t look like them, live like them, or love like them to create a community free from all forms of discrimination. Our programs train and cultivate individuals who make a difference in institutions and communities by influencing others through dialogue and cross-cultural interactions. We can effect positive change when we have leaders across identities who influence culture and interrupt systemic institutional discrimination through personal relationships, advocacy, and representation.