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Are you passionate about seeing change in your community? You can contact us to volunteer at any time, and we will find a program that is right for you.

Want to help sustain our work? You can give us as little as $1 or sign up for our round up program to start seeing change in your community by donating on our online giving platform.

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Passion is what drives us

Your gift is a reflection of your daily commitment to ending discrimination

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Community Tampa Bay has a robust youth-adult programs throughout the year, offering programming, community conversations, and workshops to our community. We are always looking for volunteers who are interested to get involved with us and help cultivate inclusive and welcoming spaces for all. Contact us if you are interested to volunteer with us and we will find a program that is right for you.

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ANYTOWN® Session Volunteers

ANYTOWN® Session Volunteers facilitate dialogue groups, diversity content workshops and community interaction, model and supervise inclusive, safe, and positive group dynamics. Volunteers engage ANYTOWN® delegates in identity development activities and advocacy around race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, ability, faith, ethnicity, age, nationality, and class. Multiple days of leadership development training enables our volunteers to provide life-changing experiences for the youth we serve. 

“I always feel like I’m growing and evolving when I’m with the ANYTOWN® community.”

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ANYTOWN® Support Volunteers

Each session also requires volunteers who don’t facilitate the main activities so they can focus on key elements of the program. ANYTOWN® Support Volunteers require a high degree of independence, focusing on fulfilling their role and responsibilities to ensure the overall success of ANYTOWN®.

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