College Credit

Students of the University of South Florida (Tampa and St. Petersburg campuses) are eligible to receive course credit toward their degrees for successful residential ANYTOWN® service.

ANYTOWN® volunteers facilitate dialogue groups, diversity content workshops, and dorm and community interactions; model and supervise inclusive, safe and positive group dynamics; and engage participants in identity development activities and advocacy around race, biological sex, gender, ability, sexual identity, faith, ethnicity, age, nationality and class.

Volunteers promote civic leadership and social justice through education, advocacy, cross-cultural interaction, and dialogue as means to affect positive change.

Leadership & Diversity Training

We offer customized cultural competence training for student groups, faculty, and staff designed to increase inclusive practices on college campuses.

We work with you to identify action steps that promote recruitment and retention of diverse students and faculty, reinforce constructive approaches to conflict, and ensure a safe environment for everyone who lives on, works at, or visits your campus.

We also offer dialogue facilitation to start and sustain intentional conversation about the impact of exclusion and how each of us can play a role in reducing prejudice and discrimination.

Contact Sam Obeid, Program Director of Community Tampa Bay, to explore how we can partner with your academic institution.