Reunited and It Feels So Good.

As we near the end of 2022, we are gearing up for our next ANYTOWN summer, that’ll be here
before we know it. The excitement and anticipation for the fun and transformative experiences
that will take place looms in our office. It’s impossible to turn back time and relive the good ole
days but somehow, we did. On Friday December 2nd we hosted our ANYTOWN Reunion. It was a
blast to see so many delegates from this year’s summer of both sessions mix and mingle. In
addition, we had several former volunteers and delegates of previous years. We shared stories,
played games and just got to become family again in a short amount of time. Hearing the
stories from not just this year but years of past made that time even more special. Everyone
can commonly agree that they came into ANYTOWN with doubts and unwavering hearts of
even giving it a chance, but they all left the same; grateful. Grateful for the connections that
they made and the experiences they had. As I am heading towards my second summer, I cannot
wait to see the new delegates join us for the next reunion!

Chris Jeter 
Program Coordinator 

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