Evident Impact is a purposeful opportunity for meaningful dialogue around crucial topics that we may not typically engage while in our workplaces, schools, families, or social circles.

Conversations about identity, privilege, bias, and the real impact of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination can be challenging. Some of us may be unfamiliar with how to even begin thinking about these things on our own. Some of us may struggle to have these conversations with people who don't look like us, live like us, or love like us.

Evident Impact makes these conversations easier. When you come to Evident Impact, you will experience our values of diversity, inclusion, and engagement in action as we engage in dialogue toward ending discrimination.


You'll see people with different experiences and identities from our community. You'll see adults seeking professional development, retired community members, faith leaders, students, youth, and families with their babies in strollers. You'll share space with individuals who each have their unique intersection of social identities.


You'll hear people share their experiences, reflections, and questions that drive our conversations forward. You'll hear our excitement upon seeing you in the room because your presence matters. We don't believe in passive networking; we strive to actively create space for everyone's voices and to build community. We believe in respecting people's identities, experiences, and boundaries while continuously reaching out and bridging relationships.


You'll feel connected to a community of leaders and feel inspired to create change. Evident Impact is not about talking in circles, but about cultivating a deeper understanding to move us to action. You'll hear crowdsourcing of best practices and experience a model of facilitated dialogue that you can use to build communities that are inclusive and just.

Last night’s event [Evident Impact] was spectacular. I’ve spent the last week worrying about our future, but last night there was no way to leave not feeling like it’s going to be ok.
— Evident Impact Attendee

Past Evident Impact Events