For more than 25 years, Community Tampa Bay has partnered with Pinellas County Schools (PCS) to provide youth leadership and diversity education services for students. Several years ago, that partnership evolved to include cultural humility training for district staff and administrators as well. We are able to have greater impact because of the multiple ways we partner with PCS:


Community Tampa Bay has worked with PCS to implement and scale a cultural humility training model aimed at increasing inclusion in classrooms and larger school communities. Over the course of four years, 35 PCS schools have participated in a cohort model in which delegates of school staff received three full days of training and the principals and PMAC liaisons of each participating school received up to 20 hours of follow up consultation throughout the school year.

Survey results from 2018-2019 indicated:

  • 93% of participants reported that the cohort trainings helped them gain an understanding of the impact of exclusion in their schools.
  • 95% of participants reported that the cohort trainings helped them assess how aspects of their identity impact their interactions with others.
  • 90% of participants reported that the cohort trainings helped them identify techniques to reduce prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination in their schools.

"This training is a good complement to equity trainings within the district."
"Many examples with direct connections to education."
"Opened my eyes to things I hadn't really thought about."
"Relevant resources/techniques were shared."
"Thank you for the opportunity for the courageous conversations."


Youth Leadership Conferences take 40-50 youth through an all-day empowerment experience designed to give them the inspiration and the tools they need to create more inclusive spaces for all students in their school or community.

Youth Conferences begin with cross-cultural teambuilding as a way to build rapport and create safety between students; the day continues with transformative dialogue designed to promote empathy for people like us and different from us; we conclude with action-planning and application of the skills required to interrupt exclusion.

We facilitate a planning meeting with a group of youth leaders to get a sense of the culture of your school or program, and to identify any specific challenges you’d like to address with the conference. We also offer optional follow-up sessions with either the whole group or the youth leadership team to process lessons learned, and ensure the sustainability of the dialogue started by the conference.


The Principal's Multicultural Advisory Committee (PMAC) is a multicultural student leadership program designed to empower students to have a positive, sustainable impact on the culture and climate of their schools and communities. The program became a PCS school board mandate in order to ensure that students had the right to attend a school where all ethnic and cultural heritages are welcomed and respected.

Community Tampa Bay facilitates district-wide conferences for PMAC student leaders from throughout Pinellas County to build community, share experiences, and return to their respective schools with more tools and practices to promote inclusion.


PCS has been a long-time supporter of the ANYTOWN® program. ANYTOWN® aligns with Florida Standards for social studies curriculum and has 10 years of research data demonstrating its effectiveness. Research on the efficacy of ANYTOWN® is the basis for program graduates enrolled in Pinellas County Schools receiving a 1/2 credit in Social Studies toward their graduation requirements. Since 1991, nearly 2,000 Pinellas County Public School students have graduated ANYTOWN®.

Community Tampa Bay is grateful and proud of the longstanding partnership with Pinellas County Schools.

Contact Sam Obeid, Program Director, to discuss how you too can partner with us to create change at the institutional level.