Politics in the Workplace

Building an inclusive environment requires open dialogue about all identities and individuals in the workplace. In the wake of events like the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the potential repeal of DACA, and the suggested ban on transgender people from the military, topics like racism, sexism, and homophobia seem to be front-and-center more than ever before. These issues are on people's minds and hearts, and it can be difficult to disengage entirely from these critical events and conversations while at work.


Silence is never the solution when combating oppression, nor when trying to foster an intentionally inclusive workplace. So how do we have these conversations? How do we talk about current events in ways that strengthen relationships rather than divide them? What happens when someone’s identity feels too “political” to talk about? We want to provide a space to learn, ask questions, share challenges and celebrate successes.


Join Community Tampa for an evening that will include interactive learning, dialogue and networking focused on best practices in inclusion, such as building stronger relationships, actively listening to the personal experience of others, and advocating for inclusion in times of tension, conflict, or miscommunication.

Sam(ira) Obeid