As our programs grow, we realize that our teens expect us to raise the bar to help them grow and become the leaders that they are. In keeping our commitment to them, we are taking Advocacy Academy to the next level: National. In March 2020, four alumni from each year of Advocacy Academy will be invited to complete additional training and travel to Washington, D.C.

This powerful group of 16 will be the first to travel to the nation's capital, but they won't be the last. Every four years, our young humans in Advocacy Academy: National will not only see our nation's history and legislative process, but also see a vision of where they can be in the future (we look forward to seeing an ANYTOWN® graduate in the White House).


We understand the level of responsibility in taking young people up to Capitol Hill, especially during a heightened climate of exclusion. Young people understand the importance of this work and the urgency in not just learning the law, but in demanding justice. While we are committed to doing our part in supporting the advocacy work of our young humans, we hope our community will support the 2020 Advocacy Academy National cohort to ensure our teens' voices are prioritized over all else.

What Your Gift Does

As with all of our youth-centered programming, we firmly believe that inclusion can't come with a price.

Your donation covers all of the various costs associated with a trip of this magnitude: airfare for our youth, accommodations for multiple days near Capitol Hill, daily meals, and outerwear to stay warm in northern winter temperatures.

Support Our Journey to Justice

We are privileged to take on this responsibility and we know we can make this happen because of the community of supporters we have built over the years.

Every dollar counts, not only because of what it can buy, but what it signifies. Though we may be a small team of 16 going to Washington, D.C., we will be powerful in knowing our community is with us all the way. This is why we are confident this experience will be inspiring for our young leaders and unforgettable for the legislators they hold accountable.