Throughout the school year, Community Tampa Bay provides one-day youth leadership conferences for students at area high schools, training attendees to

1) recognize the impact of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination;
2) participate in dialogue that challenges discriminatory and bullying behavior; and
3) brainstorm opportunities to engage more of their peers in meaningful cross-cultural interactions. Youth conferences include interactive, large-group discussions that highlight the pervasiveness of stereotypes, as well as the societal consequences of stereotypes and prejudice going unchecked.

Throughout the day, students also break out into smaller discussion groups to further explore their own biases and have the opportunity to challenge assumptions in a safe, respectful way.
Through these small group discussions, youth also learn initial skills for facilitating one-on-one and small group dialogue as a stepping stone in their development as inclusive leaders.

Youth Conferences typically engage ANYTOWN graduates in planning and facilitating the day for their peers.
They are joined by Community Tampa Bay staff and volunteers.

During the 2014-2015 school year, Community Tampa Bay provided 10 single-school and 2 district-wide youth leadership conferences for 544 students

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