The Facilitating the Leadership of Youth (FLY) program is a weekly youth empowerment group that gives teens the skills to interrupt prejudice in key social institutions. The program has four themes: Know Yourself, Know Your Friends & Family, Know Community and Know Action.


FLY participants meet in weekly meetings, during the school year, led by a youth-adult facilitation team, including youth co-facilitators and an adult coordinator.
Weekly FLY meetings include dialogue focused on root causes of oppression in institutions, which socialize us with messages about prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.
Throughout these weekly meetings, FLY focuses on training youth how to inform exclusive ideas, attitudes and behaviors with inclusive ones.


The first month of the program focuses on self-awareness through the Know Yourself theme and builds to developing our circles of influence with the Know Your Friends and Family theme in the second month. The remaining eight months incorporate service-learning into Know Community and Know Action as youth are introduced to different institutions: media/culture/arts, criminal justice, business/non-profit, and religion.


As students explore how they, as youth leaders, might impact creating more inclusive institutions, they will share that knowledge through four service-learning projects throughout the year.
After each of the four projects is completed, students will reflect by sharing barriers to change, lessons learned, and other personal experiences for which they would like to brainstorm solutions with a safe group.


At the end of the year, students showcase the projects they have worked on throughout the year at a community summit. FLY directly serves 20 youth leaders whose service learning projects during the year reach 200 of their peers and community members.

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