In our community, individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, racial and ethnic minorities or people with a criminal record generally have less access to college readiness and internship programs, not to mention the racial achievement gap. According to a McKinsey & Company report, if we had closed the racial achievement gap by 1998, by 2008 our national GDP would have been 525B higher.

Our program significantly impacts teens’ identity development and leadership capacity, influencing their academic performance and, ultimately, broader life outcomes.
For example in Pinellas County, a disproportionate number of African-American families live in poverty and, as a result of complicated factors including poverty, the high school graduation rate for black males is a troubling 41%.

Black males who attended ANYTOWN in a two year period have a 100% graduation rate. We are currently actively recruiting college students, with a focus on non-traditional leaders, as potential interns and candidates for college credit through various service and internship opportunities at Community Tampa Bay.

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