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“I stood in a room full of leaders – full of your future bosses, executives & employees, and each of them was a leader. They all stood out in a different way. They all shined!”
– Thalia, 2013 ANYTOWN™ Delegate

Community Tampa Bay and Pinellas County Schools continue to work together in successful partnership. Through the ANYTOWN™ program, the District-Wide Youth Leadership Conferences, school-specific Youth Conferences, and an on-going middle school PMAC class, we are continuing to cultivate leaders to change our communities.

We welcomed 58 Pinellas delegates to our 2013 residential ANYTOWN™ sessions this summer. We are proud to report our 2013 residential ANYTOWN™ sessions had representation from all public high schools except one, in addition to three middle schools and an exceptional education school. All ANYTOWN™ graduates are invited to continue their involvement with Community Tampa Bay for a year (and beyond!) through a series of skill-building trainings, an ongoing youth group which plans youth summits open to the public, and opportunities to host Youth Conferences and Unity Days at their high schools. Throughout this school year, it is our goal to visit 100% of Pinellas high schools with Anytowners this year at least once to both cultivate our past ANYTOWN™ graduates and outreach for new 2014 delegates!


Anytown 2013

Anytown 2013

The High School District-Wide Youth Leadership Conference just concluded on October 22 at Coachman Service Center in Clearwater. The day was centered around facilitating dialogue and cross-cultural interactions at school, and brought together almost 100 students from 13 high schools, including 11 ANYTOWN™ graduates. Eighteen adult partners and PMAC liaisons were also in attendance, sharing best practices and gaining new tools, in addition to eight Community Tampa Bay staff and volunteers. We also continued cultivating youth leaders at the Middle School District-Wide Conference on November 19th!

For the second year running, Community Tampa Bay is co-teaching a PMAC class at Azalea Middle School. We recently facilitated a Youth Conference with the class to prepare them to lead their own leadership experience for other students at school. The class is centered around creating a safe space to engage in cross-cultural dialogue about aspects of school that promote genuine interactions. They have also combined with a Restorative Justice program at school, designed to give class members a sense of ownership around disciplinary infractions involving other students. Jessica Estévez currently co-teaches the class with Kyle Steinberg.

“We are an organization that helps educate youth on real world issues and build and develop nondiscriminatory leaders to help usher in a new age of progressive thinkers.”
– 2013 ANYTOWN™ Volunteer

How can YOU get involved?

  • Invite Community Tampa Bay to come speak to your rising 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade students about ANYTOWN™. We would love to visit your lunch times, classes, or club meetings! We guarantee an engaging presentation for your young people.
  • Schedule a full-day or half-day Youth Conference at your school. Conference costs range from $850 – $1700. However, we have a few limited spaces available for conferences free of cost to your school. Does your school have a lot of ANYTOWN™ graduates? We would love to reward you for your dedication to this mission with free programming! Contact us for a price quote.
  • High school youth may come volunteer for service hours at out District-Wide Youth Conference. Our goal is 100% school representation! 
  • Recommend students to attend ANYTOWN™ from your school or PMAC! It would be a dream come true to have a delegation from every Pinellas high school each year.

Contact Sarah (with an h) Ogdie at 727-568-9333 or sogdie@communitytampabay.org for more information about any of the above opportunities!

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