Molly Auld-Donor, Volunteer and Advocate

MollyMolly is cooking a tasty meal of pasta in her Old Northeast home as she graciously conducts this interview.  She has recently moved into the house with her husband and young daughter.  Multitasking is something that Molly does well as she is a ‘Molly of all trades’ within our great vision of a community free from all forms of discrimination.

Easy to talk to, she provides insightful feedback through the eyes of a donor as well as a volunteer giving her a special perspective. Molly donates her time by volunteering annually as a staff member of Community Tampa Bay’s ANYTOWN™ Program, a week long experience aimed at empowering youth to create inclusive and just schools and communities through dialogue.

“Community Tampa Bay as an organization has a mission and believes it. They live it out in everything they do and that makes them unique.  Also, all the volunteers can articulate why the mission is important to them and they use that as a focal point in all they do.”

She first learned of Community Tampa Bay and their mission to promote dialogue and respect in our community through another long-time volunteer as well as Executive Director Stacie Blake while attending an ANYTOWN™ Community Night. She then landed a position at the agency to develop a Tampa Bay Community Corps proposal to expand our area pool of inclusive leaders.  The rest is history.

She says she feels greatly appreciated for her contributions,  “Stacie always calls after large events to thank me for my donation and ask me if I have any comments or suggestions.”

She expresses that she feels validated and respected as not just a donor but a contributor to the growth of the organization. This appreciation along with the direct experience and knowledge she has received and is able to impart to youth has encouraged her to spread the word of Community Tampa Bay.

After earning a degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish, Molly spent a lot of time in Central and South America where she focused on working with organizations dedicated to bringing educational opportunities to impoverished communities. After that rich experience Molly had a desire to bring her skills into her home community empowering her to earn a masters degree in Urban Planning focusing on Community and Economic Development from the NYU Wagner School of Public Service. She is an avid sports fan, loves Indian food, and as if she couldn’t get any more extraordinary, has actively sought out ways to learn to play the harmonica.

She is president of the board of Project Prosper, a non-profit that empowers recent immigrants and refugees through a program of small no-interest loans, mentoring, and financial education. She does this while volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay and, of course, Community Tampa Bay.

We thank Molly Auld for all that you do for Community Tampa Bay and look forward to what you have in store for us. We know you will continue to be an advocate for a community free from all forms of discrimination.

Post by Amber Carles Klee 

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