Vision & Mission

Community Tampa Bay’s vision is a community free from all forms of discrimination.

We work toward our ambitious vision by cultivating inclusive leaders to change communities through dialogue and cross-cultural interactions. That means we give people the tools to have hard conversations with people who don’t look like them. And we empower them to build relationships based on understanding and mutual respect.

For us “culture” means the intersecting aspects that make up a person’s social identity: race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, faith, age, ability and class. All of our training is provided by diverse facilitators who represent these intersections. Whether working with youth or adults, our programs are high engagement: we don’t talk at you; we involve you in the process of learning and change.



Our values of DIVERSITY, INCLUSION and ENGAGEMENT are reflected in everything we do, including our commitment to youth-adult partnerships where power is shared across generations. We know that we can all learn valuable lessons and skills from one another, regardless of age. Our inter-generational teams demonstrate this time and time again.



Our programmatic approaches use proven strategies in prejudice-reduction, including “inter-group contact” (what we call cross-cultural interactions), relationship-building with an emphasis on dialogue and opportunities to work together toward common goals.

  • 85% of our program participants are able to recognize the harmful impact of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination
  • 80% experience prejudice-reducing cross-cultural interactions in their work with us
  • 93% learn strategies for and gain skills in dialogue facilitation. That means they learn how to talk with others and inspire change-creating conversations grounded in respect and empathy.


We impact over 1,000 youth, young adults and adults per year through our various programs.



Community Tampa Bay was founded in the 1940s in Tampa Bay as a local affiliate of the National Conference for Christians & Jews, an inter-faith organization. In 1991, we became the National Conference for Community & Justice (NCCJ), expanding our mission to include racial justice, gender equity and other social justice priorities. When our national organization closed its doors in 2005, we rebranded as Community Tampa Bay and continued our mission of cultivating leaders to end all forms of discrimination. The ANYTOWN program was founded locally in 1991 and has graduated more than 5,500 inclusive leaders over the last 25 years.


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