“Teachers were saying, ‘I don’t have the resources and training that I need,’” – from Failure Factories, Tampa Bay Times 8/14/2015


Over 90% of Pinellas County School (PCS) students who participate in our youth leadership conferences can both better recognize the impact of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination and have learned techniques for reducing prejudice.


More than two-thirds of students from PCS schools whom we serve increase their social responsibility and positively impact their school climate.


The training and resources we provide these students empowers them to reduce prejudice.


This article highlights heartbreaking systemic problems that are not students’ responsibility to address, however, our outcomes demonstrate we have a recipe for impacting systemic bias in schools.


This recipe can work for teachers, administrators and decision-makers at the district-level. We look forward to corrective action and are at the ready as a resource.